Honey Hollow Watershed – Revisited

Honey Hollow Watershed Revisited 2022 is now available for sale!!  


To purchase Honey Hollow Watershed Revisited 2022, click on the picture below or visit https://www.bcas.org/product/honey-hollow-revisited-2022-book/.  

2022 Inventory

The Species List  is growing and…you can help!

Since the launch of our program, more than 700 species of plants and animals have been documented by biologists, college students, and amateur naturalists. You can view the data by going to the iNaturalist project page. https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/honey-hollow-watershed-natural-resource-inventory

If you visit the watershed and observe particular species, you can join the project page (requires an iNaturalist account) and submit observations (with photos preferred when possible). Be a part of this growing group of community scientists who are contributing to the documentation of the natural treasures of the Honey Hollow Watershed.

This project is made possible by generous grants from the Marshall Reynolds Foundation, the McLean Foundation, and the Burpee Foundation. Please contact our office if you’re interested in supporting Honey Hollow Revisited.

For more information on the Inventory Project and articles of interest visit https://www.bcas.org/honey-hollow-watershed-revisited-articles-pictures/.

Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher by Debbie McKenzie

Field Fox

Red Fox captured on field camera


Great Blue Heron captured on field camera

American Woodcock

American Woodcock captured on field camera

chickweed geometer moth
Chickweed Geometer Moth, recorded by Michael Pirrello at Honey Hollow, September 2021

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