The Bucks County Audubon Advocacy Committee speaks up for a healthy local environment. The committee is made up of staff and volunteers from Bucks County who know that our residents, local economy, wildlife, water and well being all depend on a clean and sustainable environment. 

The advocacy committee meets monthly and we:

  • Create and distribute ‘Five in Five’ alerts to help people take 5 actions in 5 minutes – a weekly notice via email and Facebook
  • Comment on local, state, and national regulations and legislation
  • Work with local governments to encourage sustainable land management practices that help protect wildlife
  • Host events on topics ranging from climate change to recycling

Bucks County Audubon advocacy focuses on four main topics: climate change, clean water, education, and habitat and wildlife protection. 

Focus On: Plastic Pollution 

From production – through use – and on to disposal, every step of the plastic life cycle creates pollution. Plastics in the oceans have received a lot of attention but the problems reach past the ocean into every part of our environment, food chain, and bodies. Greenhouse gasses are emitted into our air at production and  mountains of toxic waste pile up on land at disposal. Toxic chemicals are released and climb the food chain while microplastics invade our drinking water. We are buying “convenience” at great expense to the health of our planet, and our people. 

Inspired by our recent screening of The Story of Plastic, by The Story of Stuff Project, the Bucks Audubon Advocacy Committee collected a variety of solutions focused resources to combat plastic pollution. Realizing that plastics are a problem at every level, we included actions to participate in solutions at the international, national, local, and personal levels. 

Continue the journey to reduce your own plastic use and waste by following the monthly blog series by committee member No Plastic Nancy. Nancy is on a quest to reduce her plastic usage in a sustainable way. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for weekly tips – and share your own in the comments. Thanks for coming on this journey with us – working together we can protect our planet and people from plastic pollution. 

Wildlife Corridors – a Letter to the Editor (Bucks County Herald)

To learn more about our areas of focus, read our position statements by clicking on image below:

Advocacy Committee Interest

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