2023 Pre-school Explorers

Preschool Explorers 2023 

This year, Bucks Audubon is bringing back a popular program, Preschool Explorers! Every Thursday morning at 10am we will host a 1.5-hour program for children ages 2.5 – 5 accompanied by a care giver.  Sessions are held 10am-11:30am and include an outdoor activity, story time and a craft! Please follow this link  to register for classes in advance! 


January 19 – Rabbits.   Learn about rabbits, from where they hide to what they eat, and look for signs of rabbits living in Honey Hollow! 

January 26 – Tons of Tracks!  Let’s go out, look for tracks in the snow, and discover what made them!  

February 2 – Crazy Camouflage Discover the different ways animals blend into their habitats and why they hide away! 

February 9 – Birds in Winter!  Some birds have migrated south for the winter, but what happens to the birds that stay in PA?    

February 16 – All About Evergreens!  Investigate some of the pine trees living in Honey Hollow and discover how they are different from other trees! 

February 23 – Under the Snow.  Discover what lives and moves under the snow!              Register Here!  

March 2 – Getting Ready for Spring!  As winter starts to end, plants and animals begin preparing for the spring. Discover what they’re doing to get ready! 

March 9 – Fur, Feathers, and Scales! Join us for a winter animal scavenger hunt to find traces of the animals living in Honey Hollow during the beginning of spring. 

March 16 – Nature Photographers!   Bring a camera or a phone to take some fun nature photos! 

March 23 – First Wildflowers! Explore the trails of Honey Hollow and search for new plant life! 

March 30 – Woodpeckers! Learn all about one of Honey Hollow’s most interesting residents, the woodpecker! 

Pricing and Policy 

Single Session Price for Members: $15 per child 

Single Session Price for Non-Members: $20 per child 

Discounted rate if you sign up for the entire series! 

Members: $150 

Non-Members: $200 

Please note if you sign up for the whole series, refunds will not be issued for missed classes.  

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