School Holiday Camp 2023-2024

Is your child bored at home on a day off from school? Why don’t you bring them here to Bucks Audubon for our amazing nature themed school holiday camps!

We get it; it’s hard when your child has off of school when you don’t! That’s why we created these “School Holiday Camps”. Drop off your child at 9am and pick them back up at 3pm after a fun-filled day of nature exploration and discovery!

Each day features unique games, hikes, science experiments, and crafts that all tie into the day’s theme.

Snack will be provided.  Please send a lunch with your child as well as a change of clothes including shoes as they will be engaging with nature, and we will be outside throughout the day.


2023-2024 School Holiday Camp Sessions

September 4- Creek Critters – CANCELLED

Explore the creek and learn about the many critters that inhabit it. Bring water shoes for a fun filled creek critter play time!

September 25- Happy Herping (reptiles and amphibians)

Join us to learn about reptiles and amphibians and what makes them so special! We will go on a herp walk and search for some native herps, and even meet some of our very own reptiles and amphibians living here in our nature center.

November 7- Bats

Let’s learn about the world’s only flying mammals, bats! These nocturnal creatures have tons of amazing adaptations to learn about, like modified hand bones and echolocation!

November 22- Turkeys

Join us to learn about wild turkeys and why they are such amazing creatures. Make turkey calls and take a hike to search for some signs and tracks of wild turkeys living here at Honey Hollow!

Jan 15- Skulls and Tracks

You can tell a lot about an animal from the signs they leave behind and the way their bodies are shaped! Come take a hike with us and discover the animals that live at Honey Hollow based on the tracks and signs they leave behind. Learn about skulls and compare some of the real-life skulls in the BCAS nature center to learn about the different animals they used to be.

Feb 16- Hibernation and Winter Wildlife

Wintertime is cold, and wildlife is scarce. Learn about hibernation, and how wildlife survives the cold winter months.

Feb 19- Science – CANCELLED

Discover different branches of science and how it connects to nature. Join us in conducting fun experiments and science themed activities!

March 28- Signs of Spring

As the seasons change, so does life at the BCAS! Join us as we explore all the new spring plants and animals and discover how the world wakes up from the cold winter months!

March 29- Flowers, and Plants

Springtime is a time for flowers and life. Join us in discovering the different plants and flowers that inhabit Honey Hollow. Learn how to identify invasive species and how to grow your own plants!

April 1- Mushrooms

Discover the amazing world of mushrooms and why they are such incredible beings! Join us for an educational mushroom identification hike and learn about the brilliant fungus living beneath our feet.

April 23 – Birding – CANCELLED

Let’s go birding! Learn all about birding and the different types of native birds that inhabit Honey Hollow. Join us in a fun birding adventure to identify birds and learn about their different calls and songs!

May 27- Wetlands and Watersheds – CANCELLED

Students explore the Honey Hollow Watershed, learning about watersheds and how different bodies of water connect.  Discover why wetlands and other aquatic ecosystems are so important, and how we can protect them.

Program Details
Ages:  5-10
Time:  9:00am -3:00pm
Members:  $65/day
Non-Members: $75/day

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