2019 is our 50th Anniversary!

Celebrate Bucks Audubon’s 50th Anniversary by:

  • Participating in our #BucksAudubonInspired eco-challenge
  • Joining us in one of our events and programs
  • Learning more about the environment around you and sharing that knowledge with friends and family! Check out our blog to learn more about the challenges and the wonderful natural world that we live in.

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To participate in our Go Green Eco-Challenge, simply incorporate each week’s challenge into your life! View this week’s challenge on your right.

Upload a photo of you to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag, #BucksAudubonInspired


At the end of the year, scroll down to see how well you did! Even if you could only do a couple things from the list, trying is better than not and we all have to start somewhere on our Eco-Journey!

Helpful Links for our Eco-Challenge

All Natural Christmas Decorations DIY Night

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Pet Products

Who is my PA Legislator & Policy Maker?

What seeds attract what types of birds?

What’s With Phosphates and Water Quality?

What is VAMPIRE Power and what is it doing to the Environment?

Why is Palm-Oil Bad for Wildlife and the Environment?

Orangutan-Friendly Candy by Brands

Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee & beverage Brands

Fair-Trade Coffee Brands

Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee Importance 

Skip the Straw Campaign

The Do’s and Don’t of Composting

3 Methods of DIY Clings for Bird Friendly Windows

Bird Friendly Window Suggestions & Products

Get your Yard Certified as Wildlife Habitat

Meatless Mondays Recipes, Environmental Information, and Facts

25 YUMMY Meatless Recipes

Best Reusable Water Bottles to Eliminate Trash

Getting Involved with “Take Back the Tap” on College Campuses

How Plastic Water Bottles Impact the Environment

Extra Money/Water Saving Toilet Tips

How Much water Flushing Your Toilet Takes!

Leave No Trace Philosophy

How Turning Out Lights Helps Birds Migrate

Lights Out Programs Around the Country

Thrift Shopping & The Environment

Food Waste & Energy Consumption

Takeout Food Creating Trash Epidemic

Build a Nestbox – links for Blueprints & Plans

Great Alternatives to a Trash-Filled Lunchbox!

Plastic Bags & Their Impact on Wildlife

Plastic Statistics & Waste Mismanagement from Around the World

History of the Plastic Bag

Is it Greener to Use the Dishwasher or Wash by Hand?

5 Ways to Green Your Keurig Routine

Clever Ideas for Reusing Coffee Grounds

Rain Barrel’s and their Benefit

DIY Rain Barrels

Arbor Day Foundation

Proper Tree Planting & Care Techniques

Reasons why Trees are AWESOME!

Small Scale Gardening DIY

Native Plants for Your Area

How Insulating Your water Heater Can Save You Money

CSA’s and Farm Shares in the New Hope & Surrounding Areas

Farm – To – Table Local Eats in Bucks County

List of State Parks in Pennsylvania


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