Bird Seed Shed

Help support Bucks County Audubon Society, while providing an important food source for our local birds!  Visit our Bird Seed Shed to purchase high-quality bird seed.

To make it easy for you to purchase your seed, we offer a self-serve shed that is always open.

To purchase Bird Seed:

  1. Come to the Bird Shed and select your seed needs.
  2. Complete the  purchase form,  available in the Shed.
  3. Put your form and payment in the box.

Here is a list of seed that is available in our Bird Seed Shed.

High-Quality Mixes

Audubon Special Mix

$22/Bag or 2 for $39
  • 25lb Bag

Conservation Mix

  • 25lb Bag

Woodpecker Mix

  • 4lb Bag
Single Seed

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

$24/Bag or 2 for $41
  • 25lb Bag
  • 5lb Bag for  $5

Sunflower Chips

  • 5lb Bag

Nyjer/Thistle Seed

  • 5lb Bag

Safflower Seed

  • 5lb Bag

Cracked Corn

  • 5lb Bag


  • 5lb Bag

No Melt Insect

  • 12 Oz.  Bag

No Melt Orange

  • 12 Oz. Bag

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